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Women's Photography Alcove

Women's Photography Alcove

Classic Torso

The woman that Ansel Adams called "the greatest photographer of the nude." Bernhard is world renowned for her classical and luminous forms which clearly transcend the boundaries between spirit and flesh.

Classic Torso
Julia Christopher has dedicated her life to supporting contemporary photographers at Photography West Gallery. In her own work, she utilizes both 19th and 20th century darkroom techniques, working primarily with medium format film.

Martha Casanave is one of the most important West Coast portrait photographers of the past forty years. Awarded the Imogen Cunningham Photography Award for portraiture in 1979, she continues to approach her subjects with a distinctive eye that expands the genre of environmental portraiture historically associated with Arnold Newman.

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Two Callas

A founding member of the Group f64,the powerful vision and realism of Imogen Cunningham would encourage Edward Weston as she pursued one of the longest and most important careers in the history of photography.



Inspired by the flower paintings of Georgia O'Keefe, Carol Henry spent six years inventing and perfecting her own unique process: "floragrams" - made without the use of any camera. Brilliant and luminous Cibachrome prints in 20 x 24 and 30 x 40.


Originally a painter, Olivia Parker has been creating evocative still life collages with a profound mysical sensibility for nearly forty years. Split-toned contact vintage prints in limited editions.

pillows and sheets

Lilo Raymond 's photographs relentlessly pare away the inessential, presenting simple subjects - a nearly made bed, a vase of flowers by a window, enveloped in a rich veil of natural light.


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Joyce Tenneson, author of Wise Women, has been voted among the ten most influential women photographers in the history of photography. Her luminous and unique giant Polaroid’s and vintage prints emanate a poignant mystical sensibility.