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Brett Weston

Limited Edition 20 x 24 Mural Photographs

Mono Lake

Mono Lake , 1955


Lake Patzcuro , Mexico, 1976


Dunes, 1950




Japan, 1970




Palms, Bronx Botanical Garden, 1945





Abstraction, 1955





Gualemala Landscape , 1955


Wharf Piles,1968

Cracked paint

Cracked Paint, 1955


Monastery Portugal, 1960

About the Mural Photographs

For his last portfolio, in 1989 Brett Weston selected what he regarded as his finest 8" x 10" negatives to generate a historically unprecedented enlargement of his work. Each print, measuring 20" x 24" was painstaking printed by Weston in his Carmel Valley darkroom which had been entirely revised to accommodate this single, extraordinary endeavor. Each photograph was then carefully dry mounted on 30" x 33" archival museum board, and signed and numbered in an edition of 25. Negatives were each permanently retired upon completion of the project and eventually destroyed.

These are the largest photographs ever created by Brett Weston.

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