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Brett Weston - Hawaii

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Brett Weston


First Editon - $75
Autographed First Edition: $300

50 Black and White Laser Fultone Reproductions
55 pages
12" x 12.5"
ISBN: 0-9616515-4-7

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Brett Weston (1911-1993) photographed the Big Island of Hawaii for over a decade. In the final years of his life, this remote tropical retreat became the most important inspirational landscape for his continuing exploration with the camera. Hawaii: Fifty Photographs by Brett Weston presents the finest of Weston’s tropical images created 1978 through 1991. Fifty Photographs takes the reader through a stunning series of Hawaiian images presenting Weston’s visual interpretation of this far-ranging tropical island, from the volcanic lava flows to the lush vegetation and steaming forests. Many photographs are unique, previously unpublished images. Weston’s sixty-five year exploration of his deeply felt visual themes culminated in this dramatic collection of last images generated on this constantly changing Pacific isle.




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