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Elizabeth Murray

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Elizabeth Murray

About the Photographer

Elizabeth Murray has been photographing cultivated gardens around the world for many years. Most of her time however was dedicated to working in Monet’s garden at Giverny, a garden that she has come to know intimately. Murray’s work from Giverny stirs an instant recognition, and she was invited to exhibit her renowned series with Monet’s paintings traveling in museum exhibitions.

Murray has strayed from straight photography, invoking a final result more textured and reminiscent of the great impressionist himself. Her process involves painting over Polaroids. With painterly photography she can play with the color and light, shapes and textures and today has emerged as a leading artist in that genre of photography. Employing various media including oil paints, pastels, gold paints and colored pencils, she blurs and merges edges, softens contours and introduces more light and color.

Elizabeth Murray has been published both as a fine art photographer and landscape horticulturist and today she continues to lecture and share her creative techniques.

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Elizabeth Murray - Carmel Mission Doors

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