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Portrait of Michael Gesinger

Portrait of Michael Gesinger

Michael Gesinger

(1948 - )

About the Photographer


After receiving a MFA in photography from the University of Washington. in 1978, Michael Gesinger decided to pursue the life of an artist. He spent his first years experimenting with a variety of techniques and discovering exactly what photography privately meant for him. In the process, he began selenium toning a series of nudes in 1980 and hand-coloring them in 1985.

With over 30 one-man shows and countless publications, today Gesinger enjoys a reclusive rural lifestyle, and continues to explore the many facets of photography.

Michael Gesinger - Portraits

Michael Gesinger - Nudes (Hand Colored)

Michael Gesinger - Nudes (Black and White)

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Michael Gesinger - Gabriella Revisited

Gabriella, 2006