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Morley Baer spent a lifetime capturing the subtleties and intricacies of the California Central Coast while simultaneously earning acclaim for his brilliant architectural studies with his 8x10 camera. Pristine contact prints have made him an important master of the West Coast School.

Morley Baer
Aspen Grove

Many believe Burkett to be the finest color printer in the history of photography as well as an internationally recognized expert in Cibachrome. His dedication to capturing the spirituality inherent in the pristine American landscape resonates with viewers as he continues to expand the tradition of Eliot Porter and Ernst Haas.

Christopher Burkett
Redding Stream

One of the major figures in the history of American landscape photography, Paul Caponigro has extended the spiritual genre of this medium to new, personal territory. Mystical and poetic, Caponigro’s philosophy has released a visual imagination that is possibly the most profound in contemporary photography.

Paul Caponigro
Garnett's work defies the stereotype of aerial photography as purely scientific and devoid of artistry. He became the first aerial photographer to earn the prestigious Guggenheim Award.
Michael Gesinger - Gabriella Revisited

Distinguished for his beautifully toned, hand-colored intimate portraits and nudes created in small limited editions, Michael Gesinger reveals his mastery and classic craftsmanship of more than thirty years in traditional photography.

Michael Gesinger
Rolfe Horn's early vintage prints reflect a dream like imagery and painstaking craftsmanship that culminated in three years (1998-2002) of assisting master photographer, Michael Kenna.
horn button

Mount Kailash

Kenro Izu's small editions of handcrafted 14x20 inch Platinum-Palladium and Platinum-based Cyanotype photographs immanate a serene, meditative quality. Widely recognized as one of the greatest living alternative process photographers, Izu's exquisite series of Still Life, Nudes and Sacred Spaces not only captures the eye, but illustrate the divinity of his subjects.
Kenro Izu Button

point lobos

After his first one-man show in 1967 at Leitz Gallery in New York, Ron James became inspired by Minor White and Wynn Bullock, and moving west, settled in California where he pursued a thirty year exploration of the mystical genre of photography.
Ron James Button
Widely exhibited and published for over thirty years, Michael Kenna's landscapes feature exposures lasting as long as ten hours and have been described as enigmatic, graceful and hauntingly beautiful.
Sean Kernan - Stars

A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships. Sean Kernan extends this concept of Jorge Borges in his series entitled "The Secret Books". The Book becomes the starting point for a journey of inspiration and internal dialogue. You can find a universe in the pages of a book, if only you have the eyes to see.

Sean Kernan
Roman Loranc - Private Road with Clouds

Widely respected as a conservation photographer, Roman Loranc creates dreamlike silver and sepia images of the vanishing central California wetlands, as well as revisiting his childhood European homeland and exploring the volcanic landscapes of the Big Island in Hawaii. Exquisitely hand printed in many unique dimensions, he is one of the finest landscape photographers emerging today.

Roman Loranc
tidal boulder
Michael Miner has spent over thirty years as a renowned cinematographer, writer and director of countless award-winning films, and today turns his eye to the chaos, beauty and soul of the landscape with his 8x10 view camera.
michael miner
Jason Mullins - Before the Rain

Drawn to the water as an escape from the hustle of the city, Jason Mullin portrays the calmness hidden near the ocean, around bays, lakes and shores. “I seek to depict what lies within; often left behind and unnoticed.”

Jason Mullins

Wind from the south

Ranked among the top ten photographers in the world during his lifetime, the photographs of Pedro Luis Raota possess an unmistakable and distinctive Latin American heart forged from a spirit of infinite tenderness, raw realism and deep humanity.
Raota button
William Scott - Receding Tide

William Scott's photography was kindled by childhood trips to Ireland which heightened his awareness of the abiding power of place, and sense of the unknown. His exploration of the California coast are among his most haunting and sought after images.

William Scott
Robert Taylor - Estuary and Sun

Robert Taylor’s thirty years of devotion to working with an 8x10 view camera lovingly reflects his deep emotional connection to the rural farmlands of northern California, home to his family for four generations. 

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor - Estuary and Sun


Alexey Titarenko uses long exposures and the subtlety of his black-and-white cameos to endow the reality he confronts with a metaphysical dimension, timeless and introspective.



Alexey Titarenko

Thumbnail for Edward Weston's Nude, 1936

Edward Weston was renowned as one of the greatest masters of 20th century photography. Awarded the first Guggenheim ever given to a photographer in 1937, his luminous images have influenced and inspired photographers around the world ever since.

Edward Weston
Don Worth

Don Worth photographed plant forms for over sixty years. His images have an incisive clarity and quiet meditative mood that reflects his profound affinity with the natural world. As Ansel Adams first full-time assistant in the 1950's and a student of Minor White, Worth left a unique legacy that merged impeccable darkroom craft with heightened mystical sensibility.

Don Worth