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Brett And Carol

Brett Weston and Carol Williams, 1992

A Brief History

Photography West Gallery was established in 1980. The gallery was the collective brainchild of four Carmel photographers, Brett Weston (1911-1993), Ron C. James (1937-2013), Claudette Bargreen Dibert (1942-1982) and Carol Williams. For nearly four decades the gallery has maintained a distinctive position within the West Coast photographic discourse. Our exhibition program has supported both emerging and established photographers committed to film and actively engaged in perfecting their final photographs using classical wet darkroom process. The gallery today is dedicated to maintaining a West Coast sanctuary exclusively devoted to artist printed, film photography.

For thirty years, Photography West collaborated with Ansel Adams' favorite book printer and lithographer (David Gray Gardner) until his retirement at age 87 in 2013. Together we produced the finest quality photographic monographs of the era and won numerous awards, including "Photography Book of the Year" from Friends of Photography and as well as production accolades for Gardner's patented, state-of-the-art, fascimile quality reproductions which set new standards in the printing industry. With one exception (Ruth Bernhard: The Eternal Body (1986) which still enjoys repeated printings by Chronicle Books and (more recently) Amazon and has sold over 30,000 copies) all our photography books were exclusively hardbound, first editions.

Employing a highly individualistic curatorial stance, Photography West Gallery has been among the first to identify and support artists who have over time achieved critical acclaim. We were the first gallery to exhibit emerging West Coast photographers Winston Swift Boyer (1980), Jeffrey Becom (1982), Christopher Burkett (1984), Carol Henry (1991), Roman Loranc (1997) and Rolfe Horn (1998). We also supported elderly masters of the medium with exhibitions and publications in the years preceding their death, including Brett Weston, Ruth Bernhard, William Garnett, Don Worth and Morley Baer.

Photography West is pleased to announce our final hardbound photographic monograph Roman Loranc: Absolution- Fifty Photographs from Europe. It won the United States Literary Award for Fine Art Photography and the 2014 Gold Medal "North American Printer of the Year" for Dual Graphics.