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Each photograph is hand-printed by Christopher Burkett in his own darkroom, signed, archivally mounted and numbered.


20x20 and 20x24 inch Ilfochrome Photographs - $1,250

30x30 and 30x40 inch Ilfochrome Photographs - $2,500

Museum Edition 40x50 inch Ilfochrome Photographs (Limited Edition of 15) - $6,000 with shipping/handling


Aspen Ethos

Aspen Ethos, Colorado, 2006


Appalachian Forest Sunrise

Appalachian Forest Sunrise, Virginia, 1991


Turkle Pond

Indian Lake Sunrise, New York, 2006


Cerise Red Maple

Cerise Red Maple, Kentucky, 1993



Water Lily Gala, Florida, 1987



Raindrop Wonder, Oregon, 1995- Only Available in 13x33"



Aspen Thicket, Colorado, 2005


Sunrise Autumn

Sunrise Autumn Forest and Fog, West Virginia, 2006


Graceful ramalina

Whitewood Vista, West Virginia, 2006


Elemental Light VT

Elemental Light, Vermont, 1987



Budding Silver Maple, New York, 1987


Fallen Blossoms

Fallen Blossoms, Oregon, 1998


Santa Fe Aspens

Santa Fe Aspens, New Mexico, 1994


Turkle Pond

Turkle Pond, Delaware, 2007