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Christopher Burkett - Intimations of Paradise





Intimations of Paradise

Autographed First Edition: $150

73 Color Plates
50 pages
ISBN: 0-9670216-0-X

Autographed First Edition with Leather Binding

and Original Limited Edition 11" x 14"

Print - price upon request

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Intimations of Paradise is the first monograph of Christopher Burkett’s most acclaimed photographs created exclusively with his 8x10 view camera. Burkett captures the exhilarating and exuberant landscapes with a clarity and brilliance that has established him as one of the premier color photographers of our time. This luminous collection chronicles some of his favorite landscapes and subjects and illustrates some of the greatest American color landscape photography today.

Included are three essays by noted writers, contemplating the precision and mastery Burkett has achieved, examining all facets of his work, including the photograph as icon. These scholars note Burkett’s technical genius and outstanding contribution to art history that place him in a realm of his own, achieving in color what Ansel Adams previously mastered in black and white.

Christopher Burkett shares his own quiet discourse in what is perhaps the most touching and revealing essay, offering a greater understanding of his artistic approach and a deeper compassion for his spiritual journey with photography.







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