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Christopher Burkett

Portrait of Christopher Burkett by Ruth Burkett

Christopher Burkett - Cottonwood in Light

Cottonwood and Light, Utah, 1987

Christopher Burkett

(1951 - )

About the Photographer

Christopher Burkett is regarded by many to be the greatest American color landscape photographer working today. Still using his 8x10 view camera, he has dedicated his life to capturing the pristine American landscape and has achieved a print quality unprecedented in the history of color photography. He is recognized as a world expert in printing Cibachrome (a color process that evolved from early carbro) and painstakingly applies his unique and sophisticated masking techniques privately developed over the past thirty years to control the photographic paper's legendary contrast. All of his prints are individually hand printed by himself without the use of computers or third party assistance.

Born in 1951 and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Burkett spent his childhood roaming the local forests and fields, observing the natural light and absorbing the bold textures, the vibrant colors and vast subtlety of tones that surrounded him. In 1975, while living in a contemplative order, he became interested in photography as a means of expressing the grace, light and beauty he saw present in the world of nature. In the years that followed he gradually perfected his craft and in 1979 left the brotherhood to devote himself to sharing the light the could see in the world with others.

Burkett strives to share with his ever-growing audience the paradise he glimpses, eternalizing one brief and spectacular moment. He and his wife, Ruth, travel extensively throughout the United States to photograph. His masterful hand printing and numerous exhibitions have brought him widespread international acclaim and his photographs are featured in many public and private fine art collections, inspiring and reaffirming to many, the divinity inherent in the natural world.

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