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Ansel adams at point lobos

Portrait of Ansel Adams at Point Lobos

by Martha Casanave


Moonrise over Hernandez

Moonrise Over Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941



Ansel Adams


About the Photographer


With more than half a century of camera work behind him, Ansel Adams stands as one of America’s greatest landscape photographers. His career is punctuated with countless elegant, handsomely composed, and technically flawless photographs of magnificent natural landscapes. No contemporary photographer equaled the lifetime contributions of Ansel Adams in bringing public recognition of the art of photography or taught so widely the techniques of black and white photography. His strength as an artist is largely attributed to his tireless investigation of the methods of photography, developing a careful darkroom technique of exposure and development which he called the Zone System.

Striking photographs of Yosemite and the surrounding Sierra Nevada capturing the elusive visual myth and mood of these wild places became the wellspring of Ansel Adam’s consciousness and
brought him widespread popular acclaim. His intimate understanding as well as passion for conservation of this pristine wilderness gave Ansel Adams the energy and tenacity needed to bring subjects to life for a wider public.

His reputation has been firmly established by exhibitions in virtually every major American art museum, three Guggenheim
Fellowships and a score of publications. Photography West Gallery features The Ansel Adams Room with a permanent rotating exhibition of ever-changing images by this legendary master.


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