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Pedro Luis Raota

Original Photographs From "Faces of Life"


And now, what?

And Now, What?


A man's family

A Man's Family



They are signed.

They Are Signed



No road ahead.

No Road Ahead


With a different soul

With A Different Soul



Difficult days.

Difficult Days


Time of purity

Time Of Purity



When ends touch.

When Ends Touch


Just a break.

Just A Break



A part in his world.

Apart In His World


Will I see them back?

Will I See Them Back?



Facing a grey world.

Facing A Grey World


For a piece of bread.

For A Piece of Bread



The blue prince.

The Blue Prince


His only refuge,

His Only Refuge



Miserable moments.

Miserable Moments


In a tiresome work.

In A Tiresome Work



Waiting for God.

Waiting for God


Creation's mistery.

Creation's Mystery



Everyday life.

Everyday Life


In the piece of the valley.

In The Peace of the Valley


What is

What Is Future?



Alone and lonely.

Alone And Lonely


friendly foul game.

Friendly Foul Game


The language of tears.

The Language of Tears


Hard world.

Hard World


No frontiers

No Frontiers


Human help.

Human Help


She is alone.

She Is Alone


Why not?

Why Not?


As time goes by.

As Time Goes By


Mum is gone.

Mum Is Gone


Rescuing his love.

Rescuing His Love


Life is still there.

Life Is Still Here


This is life.

This Is Life


Beginning the way.

Beginning The Way


Russian roulette.

Russian Roulette.


Death in the street.

Death In The Street.


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