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2 eivers

Two Rivers, Redding, Connecticut, 1968



Nahant Seashore Boulder and Light, 1965



Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, 1965


Monument Valley, utah

Monument Valley, Utah, 1976



Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley, Utah, 1967


Stone and Tree, 1967

Stone and Tree, 1967


Cumbria Lanscape

Cumbria Landscape, England, 1978


Cloud and Tree

Cloud and Tree, New Mexico, 1980



Standing White Deer

Standing White Deer, 1967



Kwntucky treets

Kentucky Trees, 1965


Bridevail Falls

Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite



Glencar Falls

Glencar Falls, Ireland, 1967


Infrarred Tree

Infrared Tree, Rochester, New York, 1958


Canyon de

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona, 1970



Mountain Sky

Mountain Sky

Vicinity of Dixon

Vincinity of Dixon, New Mexico, 1958


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