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Please, Be Silent!

Please, Be Silent!

Please, Be Silent! was taken in Villaguay, in the province of Entre Rios, Republica Argentina, around 1970. The place was a religious school where an end-of-the-year party was being celebrated in December. The boy was a brother of one of the students, who was going to take part in some sort of comedy. A religious ceremony was held before the party, and then I asked the nuns to let the boy walk freely around the place, in hope that I might get a pretty interesting contrast between the nuns' black gowns and the boy's face. But after walking for a while on his bare feet, the boy started crying because the rough floor was hurting him. On hearing his cries, the nun suddenly turned around to order him silence until the ceremony was finished.




Wind of the South

Wind From The South

The woman in Wind From The South was a Bolivian Coya who was coming back from work in the sugar cane fields in Paraguay. I found her when she was just getting down from a boat on which she had crossed the river. I assume the child who was with her must have been her own.








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