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Resplendent Leaves at Sunset, Oregon, 2002

Cerise Red Maple

Cerise Red Maple, Kentucky, 1993


sunrise autumn bluberries

Sunrise and Autumn Blueberries, Maine, 1994


yellow maple

Yellow Maple, Forest and Light, Virginia, 1991

Glowing Autumn Forest

Glowing Autumn Forest, Virginia, 2000

cherokee autumn forest

Cherokee Autumn Forest, Tennessee,1993


wild red maple and fog

Wild Red Maple and Fog, New Hampshire, 1989

Cattail fiesta

Cattail Fiesta, South Dakota, 1994

green oak and golden maple

Green Oak and Golden Maple, North Carolina, 1993



Bold Autumn Forest, Tennessee, 1989

Appalacian Forest Sunrise

Appalachian Forest Sunrise, Virginia, 1991


Sherando Sunrise

Sherando Sunrise, Virginia, 2006

golden aspen and red oak mountain side

Golden Aspen and Red Oak Mountainside, Utah, 1996





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