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Cibachrome (Ilfochrome Deluxe) was discontinued by Ilford in 2011, with the last production batch delivered in 2012. I bought a large supply of material, which is stored in a warehouse, and withdrawn as needed for printing. However, once it's gone, it's gone forever. The manufacturing process required unique, very expensive equipment which has been dismantled and many raw production materials are no longer available. I have enough paper and chemistry to allow me to continue printing for a few more years but will begin to run out of material for some specific sizes before that.

Cibachrome is a unique printing material, with a luminosity and depth that I believe to be unsurpassed by any other photographic print medium. While I am sad to see the end of this era in photographic history, I feel blessed to have been able to use this remarkable material during my entire photographic career. I am grateful to the individuals who purchased prints during the past 30 years and for their enthusiastic support and love of my work. It is my intention to continue to make Cibachrome prints as long as my health and printing materials allow.

Christopher Burkett - June 30, 2013