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Brett Weston
Brett Weston

Brett Weston At One Hundred

87 Reproductions - Color and Black/White
288 pages - 13 " x 10"

Slipcased Book

Limited First Edition of 100


Brett Weston ranks in the top ten photographers most widely represented in American museums. He was the subject of countless articles and interviews during his lifetime. This centennial edition presents a collection of articles and essays covering Brett Weston's career and explores his unique contribution that finally spanned nearly half the history of the photography at the time of his death. Brett felt that words should be left to those who had a gift for writing and possessed the eyes and spirit to read the visual language of his world and translate it for others. Brett Weston at One Hundred collects the best of those writers into a single edition and includes distinguished curators such as Beaumont Newhall and Van Deren Coke as well as close personal friends such as Don and Merg Ross and Aaron Dygart. Brett Weston's brilliant sense of abstraction is one of the defining poles of American photography and his contribution to the evolution of photography from 1925 forward is an indisputable part of the Weston Legacy.

The year 2011 marks the centennial of Brett Weston's birth. The centennial of a photographer's life has become a traditional time to pause and reflect upon, as well as pay tribute to, an artist's odyssey. Brett Weston's lifetime of tireless effort began in 1925 and brilliantly continued in an unbroken line until 1993. He influenced, collaborated and supported - and then with daily unassuming reverence - carried to fruition, the contemplative vision that in tandem with Edward Weston today comprises the Weston Legacy. Brett Weston was an undeniable tour de force who worked behind the scenes in his father's more publicized life. His sophisticated intuitive eye leapt quickly beyond modernism and introduced a powerful minimalism into the evolution of early 20th century American photography. For those who had the privilege of knowing both great photographers, Brett's bold energetic abstracting was a vital ongoing influence on the photography of Edward Weston after 1925. Brett Weston's photographic achievement will surely someday stand - as he himself did - side-by-side with Edward - belatedly acknowledged as both a significant collaborator as well as the one who carried on, extending the disciplined intuitive Weston "seeing" more than three decades beyond Edward Weston's death to fulfill and complete an important and enduring West Coast photographic legacy. From the Introduction - Brett Weston at One Hundred


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Brett Weston



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